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AKF, is for "Always Keep Fighting", according to one customer. You
can see in my shop listing, he made a ring bearing AKF.

AKF, therefore, is perseverance.

Who is Md. Ali? You don't know who Muhammad Ali was? Go ask your dad!

"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee"that was how people said of
his moves. What moves?

Ali was one of the great boxers of all times. I don't know about Singapore; I
was schooling in Malaysia then. Lol, classes got suspended for us to watch him
fight. And watch it, in the classroom on TV, ok! Ali left a mark: for once,
students could enjoy something in class, the whole class, with teacher
participating, and it got nothing to do with the curriculum!

Of course, history is history-lah, great people come and go. Who don't go,
eventually 😪. But hey, that doesn't mean you should not have a fighting
spirit and persevere, be it in your studies or career or holding your family
together, etc.

✳️Of course, you put your own name, when want to get this AKF wirecraft
"stickman" figurine. ✳️

🚥There is also a quite popular motivational keychain / dangle in the shop
featuring a cyclist 🚴. You can see it in the last 2 pictures, here.

This AKF (Always Keep Fighting) item is made from aluminium craft wire, &
alphabet beads.

Listed Via Trezo

18 Jul 2017
Ad ID: 4152311

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