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Classified Listings

Classified advertising is our forte. STClassifieds is the e-marketplace brought to you by ST701, a part of SPH's Marketing Division. With our experience and expertise in the trade, you can rest assured that STClassifieds is a quality, platform for you to showcase your offerings.

You can only access ad promotion features as a registered STClassifieds user.

Place an Ad Our user is allowed to upload up to 10 images and 1 video link per ad.

StarBuy FeatureStarBuy Feature allows buyers to view the best buy items on STClassifieds. This StarBuy icon draws attention to exclusivity and differentiates your ad from the rest.

Bump Up Ad

Selecting Bump Up Ad allows your Ad to move to the top of the listings on the first page from its current position. This feature will give your ad more exposure than other Ads as they are occupy the top position on the first page of a category.

Highlight AdTo stand out from the crowd, select the Highlight Ad that highlights your ad and gain greater visibility on the browse and search pages.