About Us

Find everything under the sun – online, with STClassifieds.

Making its appearance only in 2007, STClassifieds (previously known as ST701 Shops) has grown rapidly to become a leading classifieds portal trusted by many.

Starting out as one of four diverse verticals under the ST701 brand (ST701 Shops, ST701 Jobs, ST701 Property and ST701 Cars), STClassifieds is now a unique collaboration of General Classifieds, Directory and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services.

Conceptualised as a consumer-to-consumer marketplace, STClassifieds is a comprehensive database of merchants and up-to-date business listings in Singapore. Helmed by a dedicated team, STClassifieds is constantly updated to reflect the ever-changing needs and wants of consumers.

Bringing online shopping to a new dimension, STClassifieds has seamlessly integrated PayPal and eNets into its portal to provide consumers with a more enhanced browsing experience, backed by its extensive range of offerings.


October 7, 1969
Classified Advertisements Telephone Service ( C.A.T.S ) was born

March 24, 2006
ST701 launched as the online presence of CATS Classified

Sept 18, 2007
ST701 verticals launched. The full range of classified products and services, established in print, now available online

Nov 15, 2010
Directory listings and SEM services launched

June 29, 2012
STClassifieds launched, replacing ST701 Shops as the general classifieds portal of SPH.

STDirectory launched, replacing ST701 Directory as the directory portal of SPH.